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The best Bruen Warzone loadouts: what are the best Warzone Bruen builds to use?

The best Bruen Warzone loadouts builds
(Image credit: Activision)

A Warzone LMG can be a tricky gun to master but finding the best Warzone Bruen MK9 build can cancel out many issues like recoil that leaves this class difficult to use. Once unlocked there some interesting loadouts that can turn this heavy hitter into a stealth beast, or an armor destroying monster. Most importantly that large magazine means you can keep the pressure on, landing hits when most people have to pause to reload. 

We've got a few different options coming up for a best Bruen MK9 build so there should be something there for everyone. We've also got a few pointers on how to unlock it in the first place. It's a slog more than a challenge and there are ways to make it easier. 

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How to unlock the Warzone Bruen

(Image credit: Activision)

Unfortunately, even knowing how to unlock the Bruen in Warzone, it's no easy ask to get this useful gun. The bizarre requirements are that you need three kills with an LMG while an enemy is near smoke in fifteen different matches. The easiest way to do this is to equip smoke grenades and the restock perk and munitions box field upgrade and head to small maps - Shipment where possible. Using small maps mean as long as you’re throwing smoke, your opponents will never be too far from it. Get your kills, exit, and jump into another match.

The Gun You Barely Need To Reload

  • Barrel: XRK Summit 26.8
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
  • Stock: FORGE TAC Stalker
  • Magazine: 200 Round Ammo Belt

Perhaps the Bruen’s most surprising attribute is the gun’s stability, and this loadout means that you can keep firing for ages without needing to hit reload. As you’d imagine from the description, a 200 Round Ammo Belt is a must, while it doesn’t hurt to have the Merc Foregrip to help it remain somewhat accurate when hip-firing.

As for aiming down your sights, the Granulated Grip Tape is a great way to stop the gun swaying too much (even when walking), while the FORGE TAC Stalker stock helps ensure stability. Finally, the XRK Summit 26.8 barrel not only increases bullet velocity and damage, but also boosts recoil control. All of these combined will allow the Bruen to unload over mid-to-long distances with impressive accuracy, as well hold its own if an enemy gets the drop on you. 

Of course, nobody wants to burn through all of their ammo too quickly so we’d recommend Scavenger as one perk choice, followed by Overkill to allow you to pack something even more suited to close quarters. We’d suggest a shotgun over a second automatic weapon, but as long as you feel you can hit a target up close the choice is yours. 

For the final perk, it’s tough to look past Tracker - simply because most of the others feel circumstantial at best.

A Stealth LMG?

  • Barrel: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Optic: Corp Combat Holo Sight
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Underbarrel: Bipod
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mags

Yes, you heard us correctly. With a suppressor, the Bruen can be great for sneak attacks on cornered foes. Add in the Tac Laser to aim down sights more quickly (for snappy kills before the enemy notices you) and a Corp Combat Holo Sight for accuracy, and you’ve got a lethal setup.

Not running with a stock helps mobility, too, allowing you to move more quickly to get to enemies, while a bipod will allow you to hold a position from a crouched or prone position with minimal recoil. Finally, grab 60 Round Mags to be able to enter a “guns up” state more quickly - just remember to make your shots count.

In terms of perks, we’d suggest using Cold Blooded and Ghost to aid in your evasiveness, and Tracker to facilitate aggressive pushes on retreating enemies.

The Armor Shredder

  • Barrel: Bruen 18.0” Para
  • Perk: FMJ
  • Stock: G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Offering the kind of cover-tearing possibilities that feel at home in Rainbow Six: Siege, this variant of the Bruen can dish out plenty of damage and even put some vehicles out of action, too. The Bruen 18.0” Para barrel sacrifices bullet velocity for faster movement speed, but the FMJ perk ensures the bullets will go further - regardless of what’s in the way. Add Stippled Grip Tape to ensure ADS is faster even when sprinting and a Tactical Foregrip to make aiming more stable, and your Bruen essentially turns into an armor shredding weapons platform.

As for perks, we’d go for Quick Fix to ensure you’re always healing as long as you’re damage-dealing, while Battle Hardened can give you an extra second to react if a flash grenade goes off in close-quarters combat. Finally, use Overkill to afford yourself a weapon for range, like a FAL with a sizeable scope.