Attack on Titan season 4 trailer teases what’s to come in the next episode

Attack on Titan season 4
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A new Attack on Titan season 4 teaser trailer has been released. Detailing what to expect in the anime show’s sixty-first episode “Midnight Train,” the preview surprisingly sticks with the new cast of Marleyan characters instead of heading back to Eren’s planned assault on Paradis Island.

The trailer, which you can watch below, was also attached to the credits of the Attack on Titan season 4 premiere, but is now available online. Last warning: if you want to go in completely blind this week, turn away now.

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With Attack on Titan seemingly having only 15 episodes left to wrap everything up, it might be quite jarring to see the likes of Reiner palling around on the train home with Falco. That slow journey back is bundled with brief shots of Marley’s powers-that-be instead of focusing on the core group we’ve followed for three seasons. But those two (very different) worlds are being set up in their own way – and look about to collide shortly.

Marley’s successful assault on the Mid-East Allied Forces seemingly squared away one conflict without them realising that the Survey Corps lie in wait. Zeke and Reiner – better known as the Beast and Colossal Titans respectively – helped take Fort Slava and are now heading back with the Eldians after a job well done.

The “Midnight Train” in question could be quite literally stopped in its tracks, though, if the likes of Eren and Armin have anything to say about it.

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