New Fortnite gun can pick up objects and hurl them at other players

The Grab-itron could change Fortnite in a big way

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite now has a fancy new alien gun that can grab objects and hurl them at opponents.

This new gun is called the Grab-itron, and it's available in Fortnite Battle Royale right now thanks to patch v17.30. Chiefly, this new gun made from alien technology can be used to pick up any item you can see in front of you, from a trash can to a car, and then carry it around with you until you want to throw it at an opponent.

The item will deal more damage to opponents depending on three different factors. Firstly, the damage will factor in what the objective itself is made from, for example metal or wood, and it'll then take into account how big the object is, with larger objects dealing increased damage. Finally, the faster an object is thrown at an opponent, the bigger damage it deals to them on impact.

This Grab-itron gun has the potential to be an absolute game-changer in Fortnite. Not only can you pick up cars and throw them across the island battlefield, but you can also hold larger objects in front of you to temporarily act as a defensive barrier against incoming enemy fire.

You can even use the Grab-itron to catch enemy explosives, and then throw them back at enemy players before they detonate. You can find the brand new weapon in chests, on top of Abductors, or within the alien Mothership itself, once you've downloaded the new patch v17.30 on any platform.

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