Amazon PS5 restock available today at 11am ET

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While it's coming a little late, Amazon has stuck with its promise of offering more PS5 restocks this month. The online giant will hold a Digital-only PS5 restock for Prime members today, at 11am ET. 

Last month Amazon promised their Prime Members that another PS5 restock was on the way through March and, with just two days left in the month, left many hopeful buyers wondering if they were going to deliver. However, if you were hoping for a Disk version of the console, you may want to sit this one out. 

Amazon will only be offering the Digital edition this time around, priced at $399. If you're not fussed about which version of the console you pick up, going for the digital could be a significant saving. 

Amazon Prime free trial

If you're not already an Amazon Prime member you can currently pick up a 30 day free trial which will give you access to future PS5 restocks and plenty more perks as well. After the trial ends, your membership will continue at $14.99 a month.

Similar to their last PS5 restock, this drop will be exclusively for Amazon Prime members, so if you're not a member yet, you may want to sign up just in time for the drop (there's a handy 30 day free trial up for grabs for cost-cutters). This trend of exclusivity seems to be continuing with most current-gen console restocks, with only a small amount of retailers offering consoles to every customer. 

Rumours still suggest that Target is still set for a restock this week. Speculation last week by restock guru @Jake_Randall_YT suggests that Target was previously gearing up for a larger PS5 restock, but we haven't heard anything yet. If you've been waiting to pick up a current-gen console without needing a membership or subscription, Target's in-store drops are your best bet. 

PS5 Digital | $399 at Amazon - 11am ET 

PS5 Digital | $399 at Amazon - 11am ET 
Digital versions of the console will be the only one available during Amazons restock today. If your not fussed about which one you pick up, then definitely try and grab your hands on this one. 

PS5 | $499 at Amazon

PS5 | $499 at Amazon
Unfortunately Amazon will not be having a restock on the disk version of the PS5 console this time round. If you've got a large collection of PS4 disk games and don't want them to go to waste, you may want to wait until this one gets a restock,. 

Previous PS5 restock dates

Our PS5 restock top tips

1) Get a membership 

Though there are no some places you can get a current gen console without a membership, it is however very rare. It's If you've got the budget, we recommend considering signing up for one as most restock are now exclusively for paid members. 

2) Follow Social Media accounts 

Many people have found success at getting a PS5 from following social media accounts who are dedicated to posting any news or speculation on any possible console drops, and many of them are pretty accurate. Following them puts you ahead of the curve when trying to secure a console. 

3) Learn your retailers
Learn the patterns of your favourite retailers. Many of them have a system on how often they restock on items and when the next drop is likely. Amazon for example restock towards the end of the month. Make sure to bookmark them and check in regularly to see if they've posted any news on when the next possible drop is. 

Check for PS5 restocks

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