All hail Diablo 4 patch 1.0.2, the GOAT of day one updates

Diablo 4 antagonist Lilith
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The Day One Update is a stalwart of pretty much any major release nowadays, and Diablo 4 is no exception. But while other games might let their first patches fade into eventual obscurity, Diablo 4 patch 1.0.2 is still trucking, carrying the entire game through its opening weekend with a veritable bevy of updates.

The first update dropped on launch day, making some minor updates to a handful of classes. Since then, however, four more hotfixes have arrived. Some are very small - minor bug fixes or stability boosts. Others are bigger - fixes to quests or adjustments to certain characters. The recent Diablo 4 hotfix arrived just last night with yet more tweaks.

In addition to those hotfixes, this launch update also featured a bunch of micropatches, some of which are a lot more 'micro' than others. The most recent, 1.0.2e, dropped early today with a couple of small bug fixes, but yesterday's, patch 1.0.2d, offered balance changes across the board, with not a single class escaping Blizzard's attention - that's bad news for the Barbarian and Druid, but seems to have been an appreciated boon for the best Diablo 4 Necromancer builds.

It's likely that patch 1.0.2 is being held over until the full Diablo 4 release time. We've been in early access all weekend, with a full launch not dropping until 16:00 PT/19:00 ET, and I wouldn't be surprised if the next numbered patch arrives then. Regardless, 1.0.2 has taken Diablo 4 fans through a seriously smooth launch and a bunch of important updates, working harder than I've ever seen a release window patch do before. 1.0.3 is no doubt coming, but we should never forget the hard work of its predecessor.

Two Diablo 4 expansions are already in the works.

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