Diablo 4 launch proclaimed the "smoothest launch ever for Blizzard on PC"

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Fans are so impressed with how Diablo 4's servers are holding up that they've declared it the "smoothest launch ever for Blizzard on PC". 

It's been a long and excruciating wait, but finally, Diablo 4 is here. The highly-anticipated fourth instalment in the iconic action-RPG series is now available in Early Access for those who've opted for the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. And those with an express ticket to Sanctuary have been blown away by the lack of lengthy online queues, lag, and other issues that often hinder live-service games at launch.

"Smoothest launch ever for Blizzard on PC," wrote user AbraKdabra over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, adding, "I just completed Act 1 at level 16, stayed connected the whole time and not even a bit of lag. Blizzard really outdid themselves and this game feels f***ing amazing."

User kestononline had an equally serene first experience with Diablo 4. "Got in 10 mins before scheduled launch time," they said. "No login queues, errors, or disconnections so far." Many others also praised Blizzard's efforts. "After playing for 5 hours with absolutely zero issues on PC," said one fan. Another wrote: "I'm dumbfounded that there were no queues and no lag", and a third described it as a "silky smooth launch".

One Diablo 4 player also noted how well the game performs using crossplay. "I'm on PC and played with 2 friends on Xbox for about 3 and a half hours," they said. "Not one of us had issues, no lag, no disconnect. Only a 4 min queue to initially get in."

While the majority of players, particularly those on PC, have seemingly had a great experience with Diablo 4 so far, not all have been so lucky. A number of players have been experiencing connection issues, such as TBE_RavagR, who explained that they "got to play maybe 15 minutes total due to constant crashes". Yesterday, there were  Diablo 4 error codes and reports of queues preventing players from getting in on the action. Fortunately, Blizzard has acknowledged the issues and says a fix is coming. 

It's also worth noting that as this is Early Access, only a fraction of the Diablo 4 fanbase is currently playing and that with the full release, which begins rolling out next Monday, June 5, we could see more issues with waiting times and lag as the numbers entering Sanctuary rise and the servers get put under increased pressure.

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