Adrift nabs festival top slot

Like heavy petting with a friend, the August bank holiday weekend is always a little more crap then you thought it would be… but worry no more, we have just the tonic to liven it up… (not the heavy petting thing, you’re on your own there.)

The Zone Horror Frightfest is in town and has announced that the movie nabbing its top slot this year is Adrift.

Helmed by newbie Hans Horn, the flick follows a group of friends larking about on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. One seafarer, Amy, decides to stay onboard with her baby and the owner of the boat, Dan. The rest dive in.

Deciding to help Amy with her fear of the murky depths, Dan grabs the unsuspecting mother and jumps overboard with her in his arms. Then they discover that no one had dropped the ladder before leaping into the ocean… from paradise to petrified, now they must work out how to survive.

Treading water are X-Men 3’s Eric Dane and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Ali Hillis.

Adrift isn’t set for a UK cinema release until 1 September but you can see it on Saturday 26 August at the Zone Horror Frightfest, Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London.

Simply click here to head to the festival homepage and get your mitts on some tickets.

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