Across the Spider-Verse has two different versions – and no one realized until now

Miles Morales in Across the Spider-Verse
(Image credit: Sony)

Just when we thought we had discovered all there was to know about Across the Spider-Verse, we stumble across something that really got our Spidey-Senses tingling: there appears to be multiple versions of the Spider-Verse sequel, complete with different jokes and animations.

As first spotted by @balisonqs on Twitter, there are two different scenes with Oscar Isaac’s Spider-Man 2099 interacting with his assistant Lyla. In one, she points at Miguel and, in the other, she takes a selfie with a bunny filter. Take a look for yourself below.

There are also small differences elsewhere. The Scarlet Spider has different dialogue when chasing Miles through The Lobby. In the first instance, the Andy Samberg-voiced character says he has Miles in a sleeper hold. In the second version – and one that I’ve personally seen – he talks about his "well-defined musculature."

Other viewers on social media have popped up with other – slightly less verifiable – claims about tweaked scenes, including variations in moments with The Spot, Vulture, and Spider-Punk. If it’s a clever way to get us all back into cinemas to check for every minor change then, well, it’s working.

This isn’t a theory or some sort of Mandela Effect Spider-Trickery, either. The movie’s associate editor Andrew Leviton has chimed in on Twitter, saying, "I was wondering when people might start noticing…"

If you ask us, maybe the release of a new Across the Spider-Verse audio mix was a stealthy way to switch things up. Or, better still, it’s a planned meta commentary on how some multiverse worlds have tiny, but significant, differences. Consider our minds blown if that's the case.

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