A Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet could be on the way

(Image credit: Namco Bandai)

If apparent leaks are to be believed, we could be looking at a Lego Pac-Man Arcade Machine set launching in the not-so-distant future.

According to leaker Falconbricks, the Lego Pac-Man set will be arriving on June 1 and should cost $269.99. Although the supplied picture is blurry, it seems designed to look like the arcade machines that carried the original Pac-Man game in the 1980s. It also appears to recreate the screen, joystick, and buttons of its inspiration. 

You can see their post below.

It should be noted that Lego hasn't officially unveiled any Pac-Man set as yet, so this could be a fake. However, a quick look through Falconbricks' timeline shows that they have a previous track record for revealing genuine kits ahead of time... like the recently announced Lego The Little Mermaid set. And with Lego focusing more and more on video game-inspired kits recently (just this month, a host of new Lego Sonic sets were announced), it certainly wouldn't be out of the blue.

This isn't the only source of the rumor either. Notably, brick_clicker on Instagram also mentioned a purported Lego Pac-Man set a few days ago with the same apparent release date and price information. In addition, they wrote that it supposedly includes a Pac-Man who can be "controlled and go around the level in the arcade machine" (thanks, BrickFanatics). As they point out, this is similar in approach to the Lego NES, which is arguably one of the best Lego Super Mario sets due to that interactivity (there, you can 'control' Mario as he jumps through the very first Super Mario level). It'd share a lot of DNA with the Lego Atari 2600, too.

Would you like to see this kit brought to life? 

The jury's still out on whether this leak is accurate, plenty of new kits have been officially announced over the last few weeks - ranging from more Lego Jurassic Park to Lego Indiana Jones. A host of new Lego Star Wars sets are joining the fray before long as well, such as the UCS X-Wing.

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