New Lego Star Wars sets announced ahead of May 4th: UCS X-Wing and Return of the Jedi dioramas

Man admiring Lego Star Wars: X-Wing Starfighter
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The new UCS X-Wing Starfighter Lego Star Wars set is sure to be a hot topic of discussion this weekend, on display at Star Wars Celebration Europe, and with two Return of the Jedi dioramas to boot, Original Trilogy brick builders will be frothing at the mouth like a wampa with a tauntaun drumstick. 

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, so it’s not surprising that Lego has chosen to release a trio of 18+ sets that will appeal to its more mature, OG-loving fanbase. And while every brick-building fanatic longs for one of Billund’s biggest and best Lego sets – like the recently released Rivendell (10316) – we’ve seen an upturn of smaller 18+ sets in recent years, and the Star Wars dioramas have proven particularly popular. 

If you're looking to add to your best Lego Star Wars sets collection, the Endor Speeder Chase Diorama and Emperor's Throne Room Diorama start at around $80 / £70, while the big UCS X-Wing Starfighter will set you back $239.99 / £209.99 . Each set will be available on May 1, but the UCS X-Wing will only be available for Lego VIP members via the official Lego website and Lego stores, until the general release on May 4th.

X-Wing Starfighter

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Price$239.99 / £209.99
Item number75355

It’s been a decade since Lego last released a UCS X-Wing and if you missed out on the Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (10240) back in 2013, then perhaps you’d cross the Death Star trench to get your hands on this latest offering. The X-Wing is arguably the most iconic Star Wars spaceship next to the Millenium Falcon, so if you have any interest in Star Wars at all and are looking for a grown-up set to display then this might be it. 

And while, just shy of 2,000 pieces, it pales in comparison to the eye-watering, 7541-piece UCS incarnation of the Falcon, it’s still a serious kit. In fact, it’s Lego’s largest X-Wing to date, measuring over half-a-meter long. Two Minifigures is what we’ve come to expect from a UCS set at this price point and you won’t be at all surprised that Luke and R2-D2 made the cut, with the former boasting new arm and leg printing.

Check out the full listing here at Lego, while the hyperdrive powers up for its May 4th general launch.

Emperor's Throne Room Diorama

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Price$99.99 / £89.99
Item number75352

The slightly larger and more expensive of the two dioramas celebrating the Return of the Jedi’s 40th anniversary is the rather fetching-looking Emperor's Throne Room Diorama. It depicts the climax of the Original Trilogy as Vader delivers Luke to the Emperor and they duke it out on the second Death Star. 

Behind Palpatine’s throne is the iconic window, featuring a new piece designed specifically for the set. Along with a little 40th anniversary plaque, the diorama is adorned with a quote from the movie: “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” You get three Minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, who also comes with a pair of lightning bolts. 

If you’re at all tempted by the Dark Side, you can check out the full listing here at Lego, ahead of the set’s launch on May 1.

Endor Speeder Chase Diorama

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Price$79.99 / £69.99
Item number75353

The final set announced is a snapshot from the iconic speed bike chase through the forests of Endor. This rather dynamic-looking set features a pair of brick-built redwood trees, new molded fern elements, two speeder bikes and three Minifigures: Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and a Scout Trooper. 

The speeder bikes are held up using transparent pieces and can be posed in a variety of dynamic angles, which should add to the display factor. As with the Emperor's Throne Room Diorama, the set features a 40th anniversary plaque and a scene-specific quote from Luke: “Quick! Jam their comlinks. Center switch!” 

Get on your speeder bike and scout out the full listing via the Lego website ahead of the May 1 launch.

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