New Lego Indiana Jones sets recreate some of the OG trilogy's greatest moments

Lego Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol set fully assembled on a wooden table
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All-new Lego Indiana Jones sets are on the horizon, bringing in kits based on the original trilogy of movies from April 1st. And even though they're the first Indy kits in years, this thankfully isn't an April Fool's joke. 

Drawing inspiration from Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, these Lego Indiana Jones sets take a leaf from the new Lego Jurassic Park kits with a greatest-hits approach. There are three in total; a cheaper one showing Indy and his dad trying to escape a Nazi fighter plane, a mid-range option pulling from the scene in Raiders where Indy and co are trapped in a snake-infested Egyptian tomb (why does it always have to be snakes?), and a more complex option for adults that recreates the Golden Idol temple.

Much like Lego's new Star Wars dioramas, which are arguably some of the best Lego sets if you're just getting back into the hobby as a grown-up, this latter one comes with a quote-filled plaque and dedicated display stand so that you can show it off on your shelf. Naturally, that iconic boulder is also on-hand to chase Indy off the premises once he's nabbed the Golden Idol itself.

We've listed the full lowdown below, but you can also find these kits on the official Lego site here. You can order all of them now, though some are up for backorder or are temporarily out of stock (clearly, these are precious treasures).

Temple of the Golden Idol

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Price$149.99 / £129.99
Item number77015

Recreating that iconic opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (complete with a rolling boulder, of course), this kit is an 18+ display piece clocking in at more than 1,000 pieces. Acting as an isometric view of the entire temple, from the jungle exterior through to the idol room, it looks to be crammed with details… including a little battery-operated light to illuminate the idol itself.

Thanks to the teal tiles, jungle elements, and elaborate temple bricks, this is probably one of the prettier Lego sets we've seen in a while (with the exception of the gorgeous Lego Rivendell, of course).

You can find the set here, though it's only available to backorder right now and will ship May 20.

Escape from the Lost Tomb

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Price$39.99 / £34.99
Item number77013

This mid-range Lego Indiana Jones set allows you to relive that moment from Raiders where Indy and co are trapped within an Ancient Egyptian tomb filled with snakes (naturally). Although it looks like a normal display scene at first glance, one of the Anubis statues can actually fall and 'topple' the walls to let the minifigures escape.

Oh, and don't forget that creepy mummy minifig.

This set is out now and can be found here.

Fighter Plane Chase

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Price$34.99 / £29.99
Item number77012

The cheapest and most simple of the new Lego Indiana Jones sets brings us a moment from The Last Crusade, where Indy and his dad are being run down by a fighter plane while escaping by car. It's a small but effective kit if you just want something for your shelf or a gift for a younger fan.

This set is out now via Lego's official store but is temporarily out of stock.

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