Tomb Raider, Hitman, Gears of War go cheap in Xbox Live sale

Microsoft has released the last batch of games for its Ultimate Game Sale, and there are some real bargains to be had. Today's update includes Tomb Raider, Gears of War Judgment, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, BioShock Infinite, Hitman Absolution, and XCOM Enemy Unknown, all at discount prices. The sale lasts until 8 July. Here is a full summary of the games on offer over the weekend:

Bioshock Infinite - £34.99 / $39.99 (33% off)
Tomb Raider - £14.99 / $19.99 (33% off)
Gears of War Judgement - £24.99 / $29.99 (50% off)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - £24.99 / $29.99 (40% off)
Hitman Absolution - £8.99 / $9.99 (67% off)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - £14.99 / $19.99 (50% off)
Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga - £4.99 / $4.99 (83% off)
WWE 13 - £11.99 / $14.99 (75% off)
Mass Effect - £4.49 / $4.99 (67% off)
Dragon Age: Origins - £4.49 / $4.99 (67% off)
Bulletstorm - £4.49 / $4.99 (75% off)
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - £4.49 / $4.99 (83% off)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - £4.49 / $4.99 (67% off)
Far Cry Instincts: Predator - £4.49 / $4.99 (75% off)
Crysis - £4.49 / $4.99 (75% off)
Prey - £2.69 / $2.99 (85% off)
Perfect Dark Zero - £2.69 / $2.99 (80% off)

Don't forget--the sale ends on 8 July, so grab what you need this weekend.

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  • chavbuster1 - July 5, 2013 7:45 p.m.

    I still don't forgive you MS....
  • bash street kid - July 7, 2013 11:54 p.m.

    Nor should you sir. nor should you. Saying that.. Tomb Raider is stonking.. absolutely stinking.. i mean stonking. Saying that it's close to to to to to what
  • chavbuster1 - July 8, 2013 7:06 a.m.

    It would help if I didn't already have these (-_-)
  • Redeater - July 5, 2013 10:38 a.m.

    Ugh, kind of frustrating how useless these sales have been to me. I almost all of the games they have been pushing and don't care to own the rest. I wish they would seriously mark down some of the DLC for this sale.
  • rav3nnz - July 5, 2013 3:47 a.m.

    People always gona complain.... $5 for crysis is frickn awesome these deals are allgood. I prefer owning a physical copy tho and yes digital should be atleast $10-15 cheaper than physical copy Microsoft its pretty bad having same price if not more expensive for digital.
  • shockandawweYEAHHH - July 5, 2013 3:22 a.m.

    If this is supposed to encourage us to switch to all digital, they're going to have to do a LOT better than this. While the percentage of saves is great, the fact that the original prices are so high makes it pointless. These games are still far cheaper in Steam or GOG sales. I realise the Xbox hate has become ridiculous on the internet as of recent, but they are simply not offering as good value for money as the competition.
  • tucker-martin - July 5, 2013 3:41 a.m.

    You have to realize, the infrastructure has to exist before the sales can exist... Steam didn't have its amazing prices before it existed either. And remember, everyone HATED Steam when it first became a thing. Same with Origin (though that's kinda its own animal)... Xbox was trying to build the infrastructure to have the amazing sales that Steam is known for, but it was crucified before it even got the foundation laid. You, realistically, can't have a platform that has both a used game market, AND is a digital wonderland. Why is that? Because the cost(s) of used games falsely inflate the market... There's a reason that games on console stay $60 for so much longer than they do on PC/digital markets, and that's thanks to the $55 used version of the same title.
  • shockandawweYEAHHH - July 5, 2013 3:53 a.m.

    Yes, I agree, and I understand (some of) the problems involved. However, when (for example) Bioshock Infinite costs £35 in this sale, but I could have picked up a new physical copy weeks ago for £28 why would I ever bother? I can then trade that in and make more money. I'm not complaining about the high price of games in general on consoles in comparison to PC, only the digital counterparts, which in the UK at least are in comparison a total rip-off. Microsoft are in a strong enough position, at least for the time being, that they could have made a loss on some really, incredible sales, better than these, whatever they'd potentially be able to do when this magical digital wonderland is in full swing (i.e Steam/GOG) and then said "This is what we can offer with our crazy harsh DRM, do you still hate it?" and everyone would spaff money into their hands for that console (at least I would).
  • tucker-martin - July 5, 2013 11:51 a.m.

    I'm not positive the £ - $ conversion, but I know that I've yet to see anywhere offer it for less than $39.99. At the moment, Amazon/Best Buy have the 360/PS3/PC (disk) version sitting at $39.99, but the PC Download at $59.99. Walmart has each version setting at $44.36- $44.44, and GameStop has each sitting at $59.99 (new) and $54.99 (used)... So wherever you found it for less than this sale is offering, they're doing better than the rest of the competition. I agree. Of the three major competitors within the industry, Microsoft is by far the most capable of selling at a loss, and doing so would probably do them some good considering their current public appearance. On everything from their hardware to their software, MS could definitely put itself at the front of the competition as far as pricing is concerned - they have the kind of cash that is required to sell at those kinds of losses - but I highly doubt we'd see that kind of change... or at least not until closer to November. As someone who has already preordered the Xbox One, I wouldn't mind a software or hardware price-drop, obviously, but I'm not expecting one. And if one does come, I'd hate to see it come at the cost of the bundled Kinect. While I hated the original Kinect, I'm throughly excited about Kinect 2.0's potential. I'd hate to see that lost in order to lower the price of the console. (lol, got a bit distracted)
  • ParagonT - July 5, 2013 4:57 a.m.

    I'm not sure it's quite thanks to the price of used games, because once the price dips low enough, people tend to buy retail over used for content, the idea of a brand new disc, and more. I'd love to throw in my opinion on the matter, but Kings Island awaits on this lovely stormy day, (Blame my GF)

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