Nintendo offers up Animal Crossing gifts

[DS] Six Mario-themed in-game decorations available for download at Toys "R" Us

Beginning Monday, any Animal Crossing: Wild World players living near a Toys "R" Us will want to head over to the store for Nintendo's Free Download Week event. The promotion, which runs from July 23 through July 29, will enable fans to download six "exclusive virtual gifts" for free from in-store DS Download Stations.

Here's the kicker: all six of the gifts - which can be used to decorate your in-game house - are Mario-themed, and include a green pipe, a star, a 1-up mushroom, a goal flag, a question block and a fire bar.

If that got your attention, you've got until next Friday to snag this stuff at any Toys "R" Us store.

July 21, 2006


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