Joel Silver on Wonder Woman: "We'll make it work..."

Joss Whedon may be gone, but Joel Silver is determined to get a Wonder Woman flick into cinemas, but, from the sounds of things, it won’t be for a while.

"We'll make it work. You know, it's going to,” he said. “We just couldn't figure it out, but we'll get there...we'll get back to it soon.”

And those of us hoping that the script we reported previously would form the basis of the Whedon-less Wonder Woman, are in for some more bad news...

"I don't think so,” Silver said. “We didn't buy it for that. There were some good ideas in it, but it was out there, and we wanted to just kind of not have it floating around. We wanted just to acquire it and keep it.”

Wonder Woman? Disappointing Woman, more like...



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