XBL Games On Demand sale puts 20 titles at $5 next week

Or rather...19 titles and one Bomberman Zero (whatever that was)

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Major Nelson, Microsoft's long-time Xbox Live mouthpiece, has announced today that they will be holding a mamoth Xbox Live sale starting June 19 and continuing through June 25.

The sale will mark down twenty Xbox Live Games on Demand titles (read: full Xbox 360 titles, not XBLA games) 75% to just $5. And it's not just the riff-raff either.

There are some genuinely awesome titles in the mix like Rockstar's Table Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009, and SEGA Superstarts Tennis...OK so it's a lot of tennis, but there are other games too. Like Viva Pinata Party Animals, Perfect Dark Zero, the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot, and the awesomely underrated Bionic Commando. You can find the full list below.

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