GTA 5 serial killer easter egg guide

On The Rocks in the Senora Desert 

4. Just west of the alien and UFO graffiti area in the Senora Desert, you can find this set of large white rocks that have the number 8 written on them along with a short and extremely creepy rhyme. It reads:

“One is done
Two was fun
Three tried to run
Four called mom
Fives not alive
Six is nix
Sevens in heaven
8 won’t wait.”

5. If you go a little bit south of the previous set of rocks, you will come across another large grouping with some more of the number 8 written on them. Here you will find another short riddle written that reads:

“They want me they can have
But they’ll never get my people
Even though I shall leave them sign enough
Where they put me”

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