Gears of War: Brumack fight footage

Finally, we see Marcus stand up to the monster

Oct 5, 2007

As you're probably well aware, there's something missing from Xbox 360's version of Gears of War. Something huge. But this vid from the beefed-out PC edition shows us that particular something- the hulking cyborg/dino/thing Brumack- in full face-off combat action. And boy are we stoked.

See, originally, you only got to run from this artillery-barrage on legs. Now you get to shoot the crap out of it. Although, mostly, you'll probably still be fleeing like a spanked child from the Brumack's awesome firepower and big stompy feet. There's lots of other stuff jammed into the PC version, too - new missions, new multiplayer modes -but bashing the Brumack is easily the most enticing.