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Showtime Will Chew Things Over
US TV network Showtime is developing the comic book Chew as a half-hour comedy, reports Deadline . The comic, created by writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory in 2009 and published by Image, concerns a detective, Tony Chu, a “cibopath” who can obtain psychic impressions from objects by eating them. The show will be produced by Circle Of Confusion, the company behind The Walking Dead , with Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer ( Eureka ) writing the pilot script. Considering part of the fun of the comic is witnessing Chu chow down on some really disgusting snacks in the course of his investigations, you have to wonder how “black” this comedy is prepared to be?

New Thor Image
From The Daily Mail , of all places, in a story headlined “The Sex God Superhero”. Last time we checked he was the God Of Thunder but hey, we’re sure he can multitask.

Juno Temple Confirmed For Dark Knight Rises
Variety has made it official – Kaboom! actress Juno Temple will definitely be in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, but as yet we still don’t know in what part, aside from that she’ll be playing, “a street smart Gotham girl”. Already some sites are speculating that means a female Robin, but that’s the internet for you.

Wonder Man
Former Knight Rider star Justin Bruening has landed a role in NBC’s Wonder Woman reboot, reports TVLine . He will play Steve Trevor, an army vet who now works in the Justice department and a potential love interest for Diana.

Writer Confirmed For The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Marvel must be pretty confident that director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot is going to be hit, because the company has already rehired James Vanderbilt, who wrote the first movie, to start scripting a sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Futurama Back For Two More Seasons
It’s not just Fringe celebrating today. Comedy Central has renewed Futurama for two more season as well, according to Entertainment Weekly . That’s two more runs above and beyond the 13 new episodes set to air later this year. So we should still be seeing new Futurama in 2013. Shiny (ass).

Smallville ’s Erica Durance Interview
TV Guide has posted a video interview with Smallville ’s Erica Durance (Lois Lane) to mark the show’s upcoming final ever episode. Enjoy.

Kirk Will Have A “Love Interest” In Star Trek 2
In the least shocking news of the day, Chris Pine has confirmed that his Kirk is very much the same Kirk we all know and love. “After a thousand questions regarding the Star Trek sequel,” he Tweeted yesterday, “I can finally say I am holding the draft script in my hand. I can also now tell you I have a love interest and it’s all looking very exciting. Sorry but I cant give you a date for filming yet, but you guys are going to love it!”


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