Be the best - Day two

Be the best… Sports superstar

Corner like a pro - Racing games

Whether you’re playing a hardcore sim like GT or an arcade-frenzy such as Need for Speed, certain things hold true about driving. All these tips will give you an edge.

1) Fast looks slow. The fastest drivers often look slower than sliding, sideways rookies, but it’s precisely all that drama that’s slowing the amateurs down. Sliding tires just create friction, and spinning ones don’t drive you forwards. Use just enough drift to steer: you gain momentum when tires are stuck into the tarmac.

2) Use the whole road. The fastest curve is the most open one, so if you’re not connecting three curbs together (outside, inside, outside) then you’re making the corner tighter than it need be. If you’re coming out in the middle of the track, go in a little faster and apex sooner. Remember, racetrack curbs are there to prevent damage you should be doing.

3) Play to your strengths. If your car is slow, smooth out your cornering to enter the straights at higher speed. If your car is fast but won’t turn, don’t waste time drifting wide: brake more, apex later, straighten it up as quickly as possible and punch the throttle. You’ll effectively make the straight longer by doing so.

4) Steer with the throttle. Don’t just jump straight back on the gas after braking - lift-off oversteer (from a shut throttle), helps the front tires bite and turns the car crisply. Wait until the apex (preventing the slide escalating with the throttle, if necessary), then gas it hard to induce power oversteer. Hey presto, lack of grip translates into greater corner speed.

5) Prioritize the last corner. The longer the straight, the more important is the corner onto it: come on faster and you’re faster all the way down. So for any complex preceding a straight, sacrifice ultimate speed in the earlier corners (if necessary) for the perfect entry to the final one. It's worth it.


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