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Zelda, Mario, and more Nintendo merch is on sale for up to 70% off on ThinkGeek (but not for long)

If there's any aspect of your life that you wish could be more Nintendo-y, you should check out ThinkGeek right now. The nerdy lifestyle retailer has highlighted dozens of officially licensed Nintendo products in its latest weekly sale, slashing prices up to 70 percent off on goods ranging from apparel to plushes to home decorations and beyond. You should definitely take a scroll and see everything yourself, but here are some deals that are just begging to be picked up straight away. 

Legend of Zelda Rupee String Lights for $14.99 (save $10) at ThinkGeek: This eight-foot string of ten Rupee lights will be immediately recognizable to fellow Zelda fans, and just look like a cool take on the usual holiday decoration to everybody else. 

Super Mario Boo Mug for $9.99 (save $5) at ThinkGeek: A Boo is the ideal shape for a mug, if you think about it - volumetrically speaking, you can fit more hot beverage in a spheroid ghost thing than you can in a boring old cylinder. And this Boo won't disappear when you look at it. 

The Legend of Zelda Holiday Sweater for $19.99 (save $30) at ThinkGeek: Get a little bit of your holiday shopping done early with this magnificent specimen of a seasonal sweater. You'll be the toast of the office party. 

SNES Made in the Nineties T-Shirt for $9.99 (save $10) at ThinkGeek: There are '90s nostalgia T-shirts, and then there are officially licensed Super Nintendo '90s nostalgia T-shirts. This belongs to the latter category. 

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mipha's Beanie for $19.99 (save $10) at ThinkGeek: No, the Zora champion Mipha didn't actually wear a beanie in Breath of the Wild. But this beanie will make you look like you're wearing her head! In a not-creepy way, I mean. 

ThinkGeek cycles through a new selection of deals every week, so you'd better get to shopping if you want to make good on any of these discounts.

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