Xbox Series S retail box isn't shy about the console's giant vent

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The retail box for the Xbox Series S has been officially revealed, and it appears to be almost as small as the console itself.

Microsoft has published images of the next-gen system alongside the packaging it'll be arriving at your door in, which gives you a pretty good idea of its compact size, seen above. 

It's not quite sleek enough to fit through your letterbox, but the fact that it almost could is pretty impressive nonetheless.

The image follows the reveal of the Xbox Series X retail box last week, which - like that of the Series S - places a heavy visual focus on the console's beefy ventilation system, much to the consternation of trypophobes everywhere. 

Microsoft launched new dedicated web pages for both of its upcoming next-gen consoles yesterday, confirming the Xbox Series S weight in its official comparison of specifications between the two systems. 

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are scheduled to launch on November 10, and with Sony's PS5 showcase set to take place tomorrow, September 16, it's likely that we're about to find out the PS5 price and release date too. 

As always, stay tuned to GamesRadar for all and every piece of next-gen news as it arrives, or why not check our PS5 showcase predictions to find out what might be announced at tomorrow's online event? 

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