Xbox Series X retail box makes next-gen feel like it's finally happening

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The retail box for the Xbox Series X has debuted online, following Microsoft's announcement of the next-gen console's price and release date. 

As discovered by Wario64 on a product listing from Canadian retailer The Source, the box packaging for the Xbox Series X is as chonky as the system itself, with the front facing side focused on a close up of the console's ventilation ports at the top. 

Check it out below:

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So far, we can't find the alternative retail box art for the Xbox Series S, Microsoft's other next-gen console slated to launch this November, but I'd hazard a guess that it'll distinguish itself to the Xbox Series X's black and green colour theme. 

The existence of the packaging is enough to make the next generation finally feel like a thing that is actually happening this year, rather than some far flung pipe dream off in the distance. 

That said, Sony and PlayStation are still yet to reveal key details about the PS5, including the PS5 price, launch line up of upcoming PS5 games, and - crucially - the release date. 

With Microsoft now having bared all its cards, the spotlight falls on PlayStation to make some big announcements over the next few weeks, especially as we're just a few months out from its Holiday 2020 release window. 

As always, we'll let you know when we learn anything more here on GamesRadar, so stay tuned. 

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