Xbox Series S official reveal trailer goes live with release date confirmed

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series S is official, with a new reveal trailer from Microsoft confirming the release date, look, and price for the next-gen console.

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Xbox Series S is coming on November 10, with a standard price of $299 / £249. While we still don't know the official price or release date for Xbox Series X, we do know that Series S is meant to be 60% smaller than its cousin. From everything we've heard before, it's likely going to be positioned as a smaller, more affordable, and overall more accessible entry point to Microsoft's new console generation.

The reveal trailer confirms the console doesn't contain a disc drive, can run next-gen games at up to 120 frames-per-second and 1440p on a custom NVE SSD, and is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X. Microsoft shared the official look at the console after an escalating series of leaks, including an unofficially uploaded version of the trailer above.

Microsoft first confirmed Xbox Series S in the tweet below. Before this, the system had been spotted in advertising materials and referred to by its Lockhart codename in developer-facing documents.

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The design of the Xbox Series S appears to feature a giant vent on its side, and more closely resembles its predecessor, the Xbox One S, than Microsoft's other next-gen system. Now we just have to wait and find out if Xbox Series X will come before, after, or perhaps even the same day as Xbox Series S.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Xbox Series X pre-orders too, or watch the video below for a look at the next generation of Unreal Engine.

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