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X-Men: First Class gets a Man In Black

Oliver Platt

X-Men: First Class is set to shoot in just three weeks, which explains why the casting announcements are hitting us like a meteor storm in Smallville.

Yesterday, news came that Rose Byrne will play Professor X’s love interest, and Jason Flemyng had joined the film as Nightcrawler’s dad.

Today we hear that Oliver Platt has signed up as The Man In Black, a mysterious but non-super-powered being. And that’s about all we know about the part (hope and pray they play this out better than the crappy Man In Black featured in Halloween 4-6 ).

Seems things are being kept pretty tightly under wraps over at the X building, but expect things to hot up as that shooting date creeps ever-closer.

X-Men: First Class opens on 3 June, 2011.

Chat out your Man In Black theories below…