X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover rumored for 2018

Of the many release dates Fox has pencilled onto the cinema calendar, the untitled X-Men movie scheduled for July 13 2018 has set tongues wagging with speculation. Now, according to a report from Latino Review this date has been reserved for a massive superhero tet-a-tet: the oft-rumored X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover.

The site’s sources claim that Fox is eyeing up that summer slot should this year’s Fantastic Four reboot prove to be a success. There’s little concern over whether or not the mutants carry enough heft to warrant the superhero splice, considering the financial and critical success of the last two movies First Class and Days Of Future Past. With X-Men: Apocalypse aiming to further Fox’s reboot of the X-franchise, depending on where the story ends it could sync up with the cosmic quartet nicely.

Fox’s Marvel honcho Simon Kinberg has spoken out in the past about a potential double-headliner featuring the two properties, so this rumor isn’t entirely out of leftfield. With plenty of comic storylines to choose from, the question is: will the two teams be on the same side or fight against one another?

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Gem Seddon

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