Where to get the best Xbox One wireless controller Black Friday deals

Xbox One Wireless Controller
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We get it, you're on the lookout for Xbox One wireless controller Black Friday deals. There's nothing more cumbersome than a wired console controller, and there's nothing better than saving some money on a wireless one - so don't fret, we've got you covered.

If you're looking for any other Xbox One-related deals, head to our Black Friday Xbox One deals hub for savings on accessories, memory cards, and more. If a controller is all you need, we've got a list of the best Xbox One wireless controller Black Friday deals we could find across the web - and this list will regularly update, so you might want to bookmark this page.

No one is going to judge you for needing a new controller, least of all me, who routinely breaks them by putting them too close to a ledge that my cat cannot resist jumping on, or forgetting one is on my lap and abruptly standing up. And I'll be honest, Xbox One controllers are notoriously finnicky when it comes to breaking in tiny, irritating ways. So you may want to splurge a bit and get your hands on an Xbox Elite wireless controller, a wildly customizable behemoth that's well worth the extra money. We've also gathered deals on that model below. You're welcome. 

Aside from the occasional broken buttons, the Xbox One wireless controller boasts a timeless design with a proper D-pad, asymmetrical analog sticks, and satisfying feedback on the buttons and triggers. It's a solid controller, and a steal if you can get it during Black Friday. 

Check out our Xbox One wireless controller Black Friday deals and our Xbox Elite wireless controller Black Friday deals below, and remember, these lists will regularly update.

Xbox One wireless controller Black Friday deals

Xbox Elite wireless controller Black Friday deals

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