Where next for GTA IV?

Monday 2 April 2007
Last week, as the internet thrummed with interest over the freshly revealed Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, we brought you an eye-opening comparison of how several digitised locations from Rockstar's latest epic actioner match up to their real-world counterparts.

But now, while others continue to pick through the trailer for mini fact-morsels, we're looking to the future. Here's our choice of seven of the most exciting New York landmarks that have to feature in Grand Theft Auto's next-gen return to the Big Apple-inspired Liberty City, and the reasons why.

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Washington Square Park

What's the fuss about?
A big part of GTA's appeal is the little details going on around you that might take a while to be noticed.

As one of New York's famous park areas, bustling Washington Square Park would be a perfect place for Rockstar to display its trademark skills with finger-on-the-pulse humour and tounge-in-cheek spoofs. Not to mention providing some darkly entertaining ways to spend your time.

Washington Square Park is a super-hot cultural spot, and you'll find crowds of performers, skaters, soap-box-dwelling speakers, artists and all kinds roaming the grounds.

Imagine being able to harass mime artists, kickflip over the famous fountain landmark or chase down some Bible-bashing placard-wavers while brandishing one of their own signs to display your secular 'disagreement' with their bellowings. It'll also be a guaranteed beauty spot come that impressive-looking sunset.

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