Where next for GTA IV?

Central Park

What's the fuss about?
Like with Bronx Zoo, we reckon there's plenty of dark enjoyment to be had hunting wildlife through a GTA IV version of the tranquil leafy surroundings of Central Park. But, forget the murderising just a for a second, because there's plenty of other possibilities in New York's biggest green space.

What about triathlons through the park's huge expanse? Or opportunities for Rockstar to take a dig at Alone in the Dark's conspiracy-theory focus on the area, complete with buried Easter Eggs under the surface?

And, finally, since we're shooting for the moon here, what about a full weather system - something similar perhaps to that used in Canis Canem Edit - which would see Central Park shrouded in typically thick New York snow drifts? Cue harmless, but very fun snowball fights.

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