Where next for GTA IV?

The Bronx Zoo

What's the fuss about?
Set in New York's Bronx Park, the world-renowned Bronx Zoo is a gigantic setting containing many endangered or threatened species. With the GTA IV trailer featuring solid-looking seagulls, we're hoping for far more wildlife in this next-gen Liberty City to add to the game's atmosphere.

But also so we can hunt it down and shoot it with high powered automatic rifles.

Plus, with plenty of voracious carnivores wandering around, there's the option of hiding the bodies of your enemies in some hungry lion's digestive tract. Or 'accidentally' pushing a member of the public into the enclosure and seeing what happens next.

But, of course, none of this really comes close to our biggest wish - throwing all the switches and releasing the animals from their cages, and then trying to escape through the chaos.

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