Westworld season 3 episode titles and plot synopses offer cryptic clues of what's to come

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The first batch of episode titles and plot synopses for Westworld season 3 have been revealed and, while they may not look like anything at all at first glance, they allow for an intriguing peek into what’s to come in the HBO series.

Only the first half of the episode title and synopses reveals have emerged so far – that’s four out of eight for those of you who haven’t caught up on the news that season 3 will be slightly shorter than previous seasons. Here they are (via Collider):

  • Episode 1: “Parce Domine” – If you’re stuck in a loop, try walking in a straight line
  • Episode 2: “The Winter Line” – People put up a lot of walls. Bring a sledgehammer to your life.
  • Episode 3: “The Absence of Field” – If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t blame the mirror
  • Episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles” – The truth doesn’t always set you free

Typical Westworld. Namely, it’s hard to parse anything from those – but there are still some clues worth picking up on. The premiere’s title is perhaps most intriguing, especially as it’s a Latin phrase, roughly translated to “Spare us, Lord.” Who’s playing God in that scenario? Dolores? Delos? And who are the ones begging for mercy? We’ll find out on March 15.

The rest seemingly deal with much of the themes that we’ve come to know Westworld for: introspection, breaking free, and grand reveals. The trailers have shown Dolores out of the park, and a showdown with Maeve in her immediate future, so the fight for control over the future of the Hosts should carry on well beyond these first four episodes. 

Just don’t expect to find out any proper answers before then, if these teasing episode details are any indication.

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