How to get the Terminator operator skins in Warzone

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The Warzone Terminator operator skin has been officially announced - or rather, two separate Terminator skins. Arnie's original T-800 model from the very first film, and the iconic T-1000 played by Robert Patrick in T2 are both coming to Call of Duty Warzone, and while their inclusion won't be until a little further into Warzone Season 4, Activision have made it pretty clear how to get the Terminator operator skins in Warzone once they're officially part of the game. We'll cover the details properly below, while fighting back the retching, impulsive urge to quote lines from the movie.

How to get the Terminator T-800 and T-1000 skins in Call of Duty: Warzone

The Terminator skins in Call of Duty: Warzone are planned to be released as individual Bundles in the mid-season of Warzone Season 4 - so at least a few weeks into the season itself, rather than part of the June 22 launch.

As outlined on the official Call of Duty blog, the two variations of evil Skynet droid will each be sold separately as part of their own bundles on the Warzone store, and for a limited time, though exactly how long that'll be remains to be seen (previous history tells us anywhere from a week to a month, but usually a fortnight). There's no indication that there'll be any other way to get them beyond paying with COD Points, and frankly we don't expect there to be - tie-in characters in Warzone from other franchises are nearly always locked as premium DLC. 

Pricing for the two skins has also not been revealed, though bundles featuring existing characters from other franchises in the online COD Store have usually cost 2400 COD Points, so while we don't know for certain what the final price tag on these killer robots will be, that's the safest guess until more information is revealed. 

Bundles also tend to come with other extras - they wouldn't really be bundles otherwise - so expect to see weapon blueprints, cosmetics, finishers and tracer effects packaged in with those skins (the two bundles are literally referred to as Tracer Packs, so this last element seems especially likely). 

We'll update this page when more info is available, but in the meantime, keep an eye on the official blog mentioned above, as well as the official Call of Duty Twitter page for more information as Season 4 progresses. We've no doubt that new tidbits will be here before you can say: I'll be b- er, returning momentarily.

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