Warzone The Numbers Event and how to activate broadcast stations

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The Warzone The Numbers Event involves broadcast stations around Verdansk with some new challenges. And, if it's not working for you, we can help with the task ahead. Your reward for all this? The new dual-wield Sai melee weapon. In this event, you’ll see the storylines of Warzone ’84 and the classic Call of Duty Black Ops combine with the reintroduction of the sleeper agent numbers – you’ll have to ask Mason what they mean. If these stations are not working for you, it might be that they have already been activated, but you’ll still be able to hear Stitch reciting the number sequences at each of the Mobile Broadcast Stations dotted around Verdansk. Here’s where and how you can activate those broadcast stations to get your hands on that Sai weapon in The Numbers Event.

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Fixes for Warzone The Numbers Event not working

We’ve got the full details on the Mobile Broadcast Stations in The Numbers event below, including where to find them and how to activate them, but if you’re having some issues with Warzone The Numbers Event not working, look no further. First of all, it seems like the broadcast stations can only be activated in the default battle royale mode of Warzone. You also do not have to activate every station in one Warzone match. These challenges can be completed in Black Ops: Cold War is that’s more you’re thing.

Furthermore, in a Warzone match, each station can be activated only once and any player can activate one, but this shouldn’t prevent you from completing the challenges. Keep an eye out for the green map icons that indicate when a station has already been activated and broadcasting. You only need to approach the station and listen out for Stitch reciting the number codes. Wait until you get the ‘challenge complete’ message on-screen before you leave the broadcasting area.

Where to find Warzone The Numbers Event broadcast stations

call of duty warzone the numbers event broadcast stations maps

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To get the new Sai melee weapon in the Warzone The Number Event, you need to listen to nine broadcasts at new Mobile Broadcast Stations found all over Verdansk. When you load into a Warzone match, all nine of the broadcast station locations will be clearly marked with red icons. These locations do not change, so here’s a list of all the places to find them:

  • Military Base – E2
  • Airport – D3
  • Salt Mine – H3
  • TV Station – F5
  • Boneyard / Superstore – C5
  • Train Station – C6
  • Farmland – H6
  • Port – G7
  • Hills – D8

When you arrive in one of these locations, you need to find the large military trucks with a tall, dark green radio antennae on it. Each of the nine stations has one of these trucks and its own challenge which will give you smaller rewards including in-game cash, calling cards, and more. These challenges are simply to listen to the broadcast at the particular location, and completing all nine of them will get you that akimbo Sai melee weapon.

How to activate broadcast stations in Warzone

call of duty warzone the numbers event broadcast stations activate button

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Once you’ve found a broadcast station, you’ll need to look for the red button on the truck antenna control panel. Follow the button prompt to press the red button and the broadcast station will activate. Once a broadcast station has been activated, it will remain active for the rest of the Warzone match. The red icon on the map will also change to a light green icon.

call of duty warzone the numbers event challenge completed message

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For the challenges, it’s important to know that you only need to listen to each broadcast and do not have to activate each station. When you activate a station or get within range of an already active one, you’ll see a flash of numbers appear and then Stitch will start reciting a number sequence. After a couple of seconds, you will get a challenge complete message to appear in the middle of your screen, which means you have listened to enough of the broadcast for that particular location. To find out which broadcasts you’re missing, check the event challenge section on the left of your map to find a to-do list of all the locations.

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