Where to find Warzone Keycards on Rebirth Island

Warzone Keycards on Rebirth Island
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The Rebirth Island Warzone keycards are back, as players return to this map following a long absence. The Perseus, Vikhor, and Forgotten Rebirth keycards are still available as before, though one of them has moved to a new locations so they can now be found in Shipping and Receiving, Headquarters Garrison, and Bioweapons Labs. If you recover a keycard and take it to the vault then you can open it to receive cash, in addition to options such as an Advanced UAV, Loadout Drop Marker, Munitions Box, and Specialist Bonus in Call of Duty Warzone.

While you might get lucky and pick up a card from floor loot if you take someone down that already had one, your best bet is to find them when they spawn to grab those extremely useful rewards. Just be wary that other players may be tracking down the same items, so you should prepare to meet resistance along the way. We've got all of the Warzone keycard locations on Rebirth Island below, along with details on how to unlock their vaults.

Warzone Keycard locations on Rebirth Island

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There are three locations you can collect Warzone keycards from on Rebirth Island, as follows:

  • Perseus Keycard - Shipping and Receiving
  • Vikhor's Keycard - Headquarters Garrison
  • The Forgotten Keycard - Bioweapons Labs

Once you have at least one of these Rebirth keycards in your possession, you then need to take it to the Security Area Communications Station at the southwest end of the island, where they can be used to open vaults.

Warzone Perseus Keycard in Shipping and Receiving

Warzone Perseus Keycard on Rebirth Island

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The Warzone Perseus Keycard is inside the L-shaped Shipping and Receiving building, on the south coast near the Nova 6 Factory and the docked ship. Head inside at ground floor level, then look on the shelves next to the entrance to the yellow room and grab the Rebirth keycard.

Warzone Vikhor's Keycard in Headquarters Garrison

Warzone Vikhor's Keycard on Rebirth Island

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The Warzone Vikhor's Keycard was previously found in the bunker beneath the Headquarters Command Center, but it has now moved to the Headquarters Garrison which is the easternmost Headquarters building that looks like a rundown house. Once inside, head upstairs to the attic area then look on top of the filing cabinets in the corner of the room for the Rebirth keycard.

Warzone Forgotten Keycard in Bioweapons Lab

Warzone The Forgotten Keycard on Rebirth Island

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The Warzone Forgotten Keycard is the hardest one to find, as it's actually hidden to begin with. Enter the Bioweapons Labs then take the stairs down to the basement where you'll find a washroom, and if you approach the shower a 'Turn On' interact prompt will appear. Do this, and along with water the shower will spit out multiple wads of cash and the red Forgotten keycard.

Opening Vaults with Warzone Keycards in Security Area Communications Station

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With at least one of the Warzone keycards in hand, make your way to the Security Area Communications Station in the Stronghold area, which is the angular building with a tower and a large satellite dish on top. Head to ground level then enter the side room opposite the stairs to find the vaults that the Rebirth keycards will open. The name of the keycard required will appear as you approach each locker, and they provide the following supplies:

  • Perseus Keycard - $10,000 and Advanced UAV
  • Vikhor's Keycard - $8,000 and Loadout Drop Marker
  • The Forgotten Keycard - Loadout Drop Marker, Munitions Box, and Specialist Bonus 

As you can see, there are some particularly good rewards available for opening these vaults with Warzone keycards, especially the Advanced UAV which reveals all enemy locations for a generous amount of time, and the Specialist Bonus that gives you every available perk! Just make sure you take the safest route possible once you've picked up a Rebirth keycard, so you get to use it yourself rather than it falling into enemy hands after you've been eliminated.

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