WandaVision sneak peek hints at what's to come in episode 5

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision
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Spoiler warning: this article contains WandaVision spoilers, so turn back now if you haven’t seen WandaVision episode 4!

A new WandaVision teaser has hinted at what's to come in episode 5 and beyond.

WandaVision episode 4 revealed that SWORD – the intergalactic version of SHIELD – is very much aware that something strange is going on in Westview, and is trying to figure out exactly what is happening. Wanda also seems to have some kind of awareness that she's in a fake reality, but Vision is apparently completely unaware – or at least, he was. In the new clip, which you can watch below, the android looks like he's waking up to Westview's weirdness more than ever before. 

The sneak peek also teases what sitcom styles are on their way next, with some wild '80s hairstyles, and what looks like the '00s, with Wanda speaking directly to the camera, Modern Family-style. 

We can also see Vision in his Halloween costume, which looks fairly comic-accurate. Plus, it seems the android is going to attempt to escape the force field keeping Westview's inhabitants penned in to Wanda's strange new world, while Wanda is starting to use her powers more and more – at one point, the two are floating in the air facing each other, as if they might be about to fight. A red herring, or an ominous threat of trouble on the horizon? And all the while, it looks like SWORD is trying to breach that boundary and get to whatever's going on inside…

It seems WandaVision is going to get seriously epic in the next few episodes, and the good news is a new instalment drops every week, so we won’t have long to wait for answers to some of our biggest questions. Like, who exactly is Dottie? And is Grim Reaper involved in all this somehow?

While you wait for episode 5, check out our WandaVision release schedule to find out exactly when every episode drops on Disney Plus.

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