WandaVision opening credits could be hiding the show’s main villain

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

As it turns out, the WandaVision opening credits aren’t just a fun little nod to the history of classic sitcoms. WandaVision episode 2 has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in its animated sequence that is heavily hinting at the appearance of a Marvel villain – and could be the identity of the person behind Wanda’s current predicament in her slowly crumbling paradise.

Possible spoilers for WandaVision follow, you have been warned!

If you pause the Bewitched-style opening credits at the precise moment Vision phases through the floorboards, you’ll see a peculiar horned helmet shape tucked into the crawl space. 

WandaVision Grim Reaper

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

What is it? All signs point towards it being the helmet of the Grim Reaper – real name Eric Williams – a supervillain who wants to murder superheroes, to put it plainly. Check out the comic book design for the character below and you’ll notice the similarities are striking.

WandaVision Grim Reaper

(Image credit: Marvel)

To further cement the idea that Grim Reaper is showing up at some point in WandaVision, noted insider Roger Wardell has said on Twitter that Grim Reaper and Mephisto – Marvel’s version of the Devil himself – would appear as the main villains of the piece. He also leaked the magician ‘names’ of Glamour and Illusion in WandaVision months in advance, which adds a little more fuel to that fire.

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WandaVision has already started to slowly reveal its true face. A mysterious group is seemingly intent on contacting Wanda, and now it appears even the opening credits aren’t safe from a spot of foreshadowing. Keep your eyes peeled – who knows what else is hiding in plain sight in Westview.

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