WandaVision ending explained: your biggest questions answered

WandaVision ending
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Do not adjust your sets. The WandaVision ending has been and gone and, in its wake, we have more questions than answers. But we’ll get to that shortly. While you’ve been watching WandaVision episode 9, we’ve been busy preparing a complete guide to every possible question you might have had about the finale and what it all means for Marvel’s future. Spoilers: there’s a lot to take in.

We pressed our expert team for the biggest headscratchers that remain after the dust has settled in Westview. Then, we set to work. Scroll down and you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the events of the WandaVision ending. Everyone and everything from Agatha Harkness, White Vision, and Pietro are covered in detail. And if you want more on the extra scenes after the credits then check out our guide to the WandaVision post-credits scenes.

WandaVision ending explained: your biggest questions answered

Wandavision ending White Vision

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Where happened to White Vision and where is he now?

There were two Visions, and now there is just one. White Vision has been imbued with a greater understanding on what it means to be a Vision with compassion and empathy thanks to Wanda’s Vision teaching him Philosophy 101 through the thought experiment of the Ship of Theseus.

Both are Vision and none are Vision, thanks to their memories and parts both being separate – much like the planks that were replaced by new pieces in the theoretical ship. White Vision, then, wasn’t SWORD’s weapon for very long and has found a new sense of purpose.

Wanda’s Vision helped 'activate' White Vision’s memories – from creation to his relationship with Wanda – and awakened him. For all intents and purposes, he is now Vision again, just with a different coat of paint.

Where he went next is less easily explained. White Vision flies off midway through the episode and doesn’t return. It’s likely to be a story for another time, though we can imagine the synthezoid is set on finding his place in the world now he’s 'regained' his memories.

What happened to Agatha?

Agatha Harkness’ ultimate fate is a cruel one, even for a Marvel villain. Upon her defeat, Wanda overwrites Agatha’s personality to become the "nosy neighbor" in Westview. It’s unclear if she’ll be trapped in that role in perpetuity – Agatha has shown herself to be a skilled witch. Expect her to return down the line.

Who is Pietro, really?

Multiverse? Nope. Boner joke? Yes. "Fake Pietro" and his identity drew a lot of attention from Always Online internet theorists. Unfortunately, the punchline may have left a sour taste in some people’s mouths. Pietro isn’t Pietro from the X-Men films after all. Instead, he is Westview resident Ralph Bohner (pronounced 'boner'). That doesn’t account for his super speed, though as Agnes’ husband "Ralph," he was probably given some enhanced powers by the witch.

Who is Dottie?

WandaVision Dottie

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Another disappointing outcome for those who have been following the so-called clues on WandaVision every week. Emma Caulfield’s neighborly character wasn’t Clea or Doctor Strange in disguise. Instead, she was simply Sarah from Westview. She even has an offscreen daughter who gets namechecked, which is particularly chilling. So, no – no link to any Marvel characters here unfortunately.

What’s going to happen to SWORD?

It’s safe to say Acting Director Hayward won’t be directing much from behind bars. The FBI took the scheming villain away in cuffs by the episode’s end, leaving a gaping chasm at the top of the food chain in SWORD.

Monica Rambeau would be the obvious replacement but, as we’ll soon see, she’s got plans on the horizon away from Earth.

In the MCU-at-large, SWORD will likely remain. Dismantling them alongside SHIELD removes a little too much of the covert operative side of things that Marvel likes to mine from time to time. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Nick Fury take his place as the head of SWORD at some point in the near future.

Doctor Strange is coming

No, Doctor Strange didn’t show up in WandaVision episode 9. We got the next best thing, though. The second post-credits scene (with Wanda) involved a familiar blast of music. Listen again as Scarlet Witch reads the Darkhold and you’ll hear the opening notes to Doctor Strange’s theme.

Elizabeth Olsen will return as Wanda not in WandaVision season 2, but in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on March 25, 2022. The two magic users are expected to collide then.

Skrulls and Nick Fury

WandaVision Skrull

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Marvel has also mapped out another future story within the WandaVision ending. Monica may have had a role to play in stopping SWORD in Westview, but she’s suddenly started looking to the stars.

The mid-credits scene sees Monica being given an invite by a Skrull to go ‘up there’. Where, exactly? With a Secret Invasion series on the way (starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn), it looks like Monica might be having a debrief from a certain Nick Fury – last seen in space during the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene – and Talos in her future. Expect that to continue on in Captain Marvel 2, where Monica Rambeau is expected to appear.

Were the Mephisto and Grim Reaper rumors untrue?

Haven’t you listened to the song?! It was Agatha All Along! Every other villain rumor, it appears, was false. The references to ‘demon spawn’ were red herrings. Mephisto didn’t turn up. Grim Reaper’s helmet being spotted in the opening credits, too, was a misdirect. That’s not to say they can’t appear down the line. They just didn’t show up in WandaVision.

What is the Darkhold?

WandaVision Darkhold Scarlet Witch

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In layman’s terms, the Darkhold is that big book o’ spells that Agatha and, latterly, Wanda were in possession of in the WandaVision finale.

Think of it as a cheat sheet for all things magic: it holds the history of spells, incantations, and hexes that are sure to boost the user’s power. It has a long and stories history in the comics, too, which you can find out about in our guide to the Darkhold.

In terms of the MCU, it’s likely going to be a heavily sought-after artefact. Not only will it mean Wanda is likely to unlock the secrets of the multiverse within its pages, but it might also draw the attention of the Sorcerer Supreme – and a handful of nefarious wizards, witches, sorcerers, and sorceresses. It’s not quite an Infinity Stone, but it’s going to cause quite a commotion in future if it falls into the wrong hands. (Also interestingly, the Darkhold also appeared in Agents of SHIELD and Marvel's Runaways, two spin-off shows that no longer seem to be part of MCU canon, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.)

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