Will there be a WandaVision season 2? Here’s what Marvel has to say

WandaVision season 2
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So, same time again next year? Ordinarily, WandaVision season 2 would be a guarantee. It is, after all, one of Disney Plus’ most successful series and has proven Marvel Studios can do for superheroes on streaming what it’s done for over a decade in theaters.

But while the continuation of Wanda’s story in WandaVision season 2 seems like a natural next step, it’s actually going to take place elsewhere. In fact, Marvel has been surprisingly open about whether a new season is going to become a reality or if the sitcom setups in Westview are a one-and-done affair. So, let’s break down everything that has been said about WandaVision season 2 so far – and why the series isn’t likely to return (for now).

Spoilers for the WandaVision finale follow!

WandaVision season 2: Is it happening?


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In a word, no. Director Matt Shakman has been forthright on the possibilities of WandaVision season 2 streaming on Disney Plus.

"We have no plans for WandaVision season 2 at all," Shakman told Collider.

But that’s not to say it will never happen. Shakman continued: "That could change, of course. It all depends on what's the story. We were very focused on telling this story over nine episodes and hopefully coming to a conclusion that feels satisfying and also surprising."

Similarly, Kevin Feige has opened up on whether Marvel has plans for a second season of any of its shows, from WandaVision to Loki.

Speaking at the Television Critics’ Association tour, Feige said (via The Independent), "It will vary based on the story. Sometimes it will go into a season 2, sometimes it will go into a feature and back into a series."

He did admit, however, that he’s "been at Marvel too long to say a definite yes or a definite no to anything” and “We hope there’s a part two and a part three" to WandaVision "but we’re focusing on part one." Watch this space.

Does the WandaVision finale set up season 2?


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For starters, the ninth and final episode is called "Series Finale" and not "Season Finale" You can probably guess there this is going.

That being said, there are a few loose ends that could be tied up in WandaVision season 2, should it happen. The fate of White Vision is one that, as far as we’re aware, won’t be expanded upon in any upcoming movies in Marvel Phase 4. There is absolutely scope for a Vision spin-off – but a second season in Westview isn’t likely for the time being.

Instead, Wanda’s story will continue in at least one Marvel movie. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022. Feige has confirmed on multiple occasions that Olsen will have a role to play in the Sam Raimi-directed movie and the post-credits scene in the finale with Wanda using the Darkhold to harness her magical powers to previously untold levels appears to bear that out.

From there, there’s every chance it could bounce back to Disney Plus as Feige mentioned – depending on how the Strange sequel comes to a close.

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