WandaVision post-credits explained – and there's a secret reference to [spoiler]

WandaVision post-credits scene
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Let’s mention it upfront: there are two WandaVision episode 9 post-credits scenes. One after the fancy credits and another tucked away during the crew credits. Both, though, are equally important – and help set up future Marvel installments.

Below, we’ll run through the basics: what happens in both WandaVision post-credits scenes, why they act as a roadmap to the MCU’s future, and any other secret hints and Easter eggs you may have missed. No spoilers (yet), but there’s a hidden audio cue that ties together WandaVision and an upcoming Marvel Phase 4 movie – which is very exciting. Ready? Here’s what happens in the mid and post-credits scenes in the "Series Finale" of WandaVision.

MAJOR spoilers for the WandaVision finale follow. You have been warned!

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision

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WandaVision mid-credits scene explained: Monica Rambeau and the Skrull

WandaVision post-credits scene Skrull

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Monica Rambeau – or can we now call her ‘Photon’ after her superhero powers helped save Billy and Tommy? – seemingly has a large role to play in the MCU. That’s cemented by the WandaVision episode 9 mid-credits scene.

There, she is summoned to Westview’s theater by a mysterious FBI Agent. Upon making her way down the aisles, Monica turns to see that the FBI Agent is actually a Skrull in disguise.

Remember the Skrulls? If not, a quick refresher – the shape-shifting aliens were first introduced in Captain Marvel. There, thousands of Skrull survivors from the Skrull-Kree war fled to Earth and disguised themselves as humans – including Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos. While, typically, they are villains in Marvel’s comics, in the MCU they are more benevolent and come in peace.

The agent reveals she was "sent by a friend of your mother." There are two likely candidates, and neither are Captain Marvel due to the specific mention of the mystery contact being a man. 

One, and the most obvious, is Talos. Carol Danvers and the late Maria Rambeau were BFFs in the Air Force before reconnecting in the mid-1990s, and Talos tagged along for the ride. Monica Rambeau has already been officially confirmed for Captain Marvel 2, which would make this the connective tissue between WandaVision and that Marvel Phase 4 sequel.

But it’s the point upwards by the agent that could be most telling. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was seen in the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene floating around on a space station. Given how much the ex-Director of SHIELD knows about, well, everything, there’s every chance he’s been keeping tabs on Photon. The Secret Invasion series, starring Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, has also been confirmed for Disney Plus – and could clue us in to the future of the Skrulls and of Monica Rambeau, given "Secret Invasion" is a reference to a heavily Skrull-based Marvel comic storyline.

What they’ve been doing in the last quarter of a century is a mystery, but with Captain Marvel 2 and Secret Invasion in the works, it won’t be much longer until we find out. And the story starts here, with Monica Rambeau and a Skrull agent at the movies.

WandaVision post-credits scene: Wanda, Tommy, Billy, and *that* Doctor Strange reference

WandaVision post-credits scene Scarlet Witch

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Don’t turn off Disney Plus after the first credits scene. There’s one more. This one is shorter but no less interesting – especially for Wanda fans who want to know what she did next after Westview.

In a secluded cabin (the location is unclear, though the opening score sounds eerily close to Wanda’s usual accompanying Sokovian theme), Wanda is seen sitting on her porch looking pensive. While she deals with the whistling kettle, the camera tracks the action into Wanda’s bedroom where a projection of the Scarlet Witch is beefing up her magical powers by flicking through the Darkhold, the book of spells and other witchy tips and tricks taken from a defeated Agatha Harkness.

Then, a voice calls out: Tommy and Billy are calling to Scarlet Witch for help.

The return (via audio clip) of Tommy and Billy, who perished off-screen as the Hex dissipated in Westview, opens up several interesting questions. Where are they? How are they contacting Wanda? And what was the flash of red light performed by Scarlet Witch?

All roads, it seems, lead to the multiverse – specifically Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Elizabeth Olsen is scheduled to return in that sequel, and her potential search for Tommy and Billy (in another universe) could rip open something in the multiverse that necessitates the involvement of the Sorcerer Supreme.

There’s even added weight to that theory: as soon as Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold appear on screen, the opening few seconds of composer Michael Giacchino’s Doctor Strange theme starts to play. It is, in essence, a secret Easter egg tying WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 together without explicitly having Benedict Cumberbatch show up.

So, instead of a WandaVision season 2, Wanda’s story continues on March 25, 2022 in Doctor Strange 2. Until then, catch up on the story so far with our guide on how to watch Marvel movies in order.

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