Vin Diesel teases meeting with Marvel

Vin Diesel could be about to join the spandex club, with the star revealing on Facebook that a meeting is imminent between himself and Marvel Studios.

“Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for," revealed the star on the social networking site. "Haha, you probably know better than me…”

Now obviously this is some way short of official casting confirmation for any of Marvel's upcoming projects, but it certainly sounds as though they have a part in mind for Diesel.

Could it be that they're thinking of employing Diesel's gruff tones to voice ultimate bad guy, Thanos? Or do they have his stature in mind for Guardians Of The Galaxy 's talking tree, Groot?

We'd guess that the eclectic cast being gathered together by the latter might be the most likely destination, although we'll have to keep an eye on Diesel's Facebook page to find out for sure...

George Wales

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