Valheim's composer is in talks to release the game's soundtrack on vinyl

Valheim's complete soul-soothing soundtrack is close to a standalone release, and the game's composer says they're working on a vinyl edition as well.

The music in Valheim is essential to the game's dynamic atmosphere, seamlessly transitioning between peaceful, somber, eerie, motivating, and utterly thrilling for the boss sections. You can check out a fan's mix of the soundtrack in the YouTube embed above, but Odin willing we'll have the tracks on vinyl someday, ready to spin us away to Valheim whenever we need a break from the real world.

The game's talented composer, Patrik Jarlestam, recently took part in a Reddit AMA where they talked all things Valheim music, and at one point gave an update on the soundtrack's release. "I have delivered the final Streaming mixes and looping+non looping mixes to the company, and we are looking at releasing it when we get the final details done," Jarlestam wrote. "As of today I haven't gotten a date from them more than it will be soon!"

This isn't the first we've heard of a standalone release for the Valheim soundtrack - the pinned comment on the video up top is Jarlestam talking about exactly that - but in a later reply from the AMA he reveals that work is being done on a vinyl edition, noting that it could take some time to be ready for purchase.

"I love soundtracks and music on Vinyl and I am in talks with a company to release on Vinyl," said Jarlestam. "It will take a while I think but I'm working on it :-) Would be so much fun."

While this little tidbit was my personal highlight of the AMA (and maybe my whole year), the whole Q&A session is packed with fascinating details about Jarlestam, their inspiration for the score, and the artistic, technical processes behind making such captivating video game music. Check it out if you just want to live in that world for a while.

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