Valheim studio says there are "no plans" to let players teleport ore

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Update: Iron Gate is pouring cold water on the idea that Valheim will introduce ore teleporting, with the studio's CEO now saying there are "no plans" to add the feature.

Since we published the below report last week, Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson has seemingly come closer to a firm verdict on Valheim ore teleporting. Whereas before his comments indicated that the studio was undecided on the issue, it seems now that it's quite unlikely players will be able to teleport ore in Valheim any time soon.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Svensson said that he's "not sure why people think we are gonna allow ore in teleports. theres no plans for that."

As we note below, players are generally divided about whether Iron Gate should let players teleport ore around Valheim, but responses to Svensson's tweet suggest players are largely satisfied with his response downplaying the possibility. Regardless, until we hear otherwise from Svensson or Iron Gate on the issue, it sounds like the issue is settled for now. 

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Original story:

Valheim developer Iron Gate is still undecided on letting players use portals to teleport ore, but it's listening to player feedback on the surprisingly divisive feature.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson explained that Valheim did allow ore teleportation at various points in development, but the option was ultimately disabled for the game's Early Access launch. "I won't make any judgement calls as to whether we will change it again or not, but we are listening to community feedback," he adds. 

The Valheim community remains divided on the option to teleport ore. As Redditor ImABigDreamer argued in a post with over 11,000 upvotes, moving ore manually adds another layer of engineering and exploration to Valheim that cuts through the late-game grind. You can teleport to ore veins, sure, but you have to bring that ore back to your base the old-fashioned way. This creates some interesting challenges, like how to move the ore safely and efficiently, and when and how to process it. 

At the same time, there's no denying that transporting ore manually – assuming you don't use any server-hopping loopholes – takes quite a bit of time even with the best-laid plans. Compared to many other survival-style games, which often let players collect and move countless resources with a snap of their fingers, this can feel a bit grindy. You could rightly argue that much of Valheim's appeal and success comes from it bucking survival game tropes, but there's a reasonable argument for convenience too. It'll be interesting to see where Iron Gate settles on this as Valheim's Early Access period continues. 

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