Usually overpriced, today's iPad Mini deal makes Apple's most portable tablet very viable

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We've wanted a great iPad Mini deal for a long time and this is one we can thoroughly get behind at just $329 at Walmart in the store's brand new Deals for Days sales event. The iPad Mini has always been a fantastic Apple tablet, but the usual $399 asking price has always put us off, even when applying the usual, "well, Apple stuff is always expensive" line of thinking.

And that's because the standard 10.2-inch iPad is bigger and usually costs much less (it starts at $329). However, despite the smaller 7.9-inch size, the Mini is a much more advanced piece of kit for our liking and is finally the much better value option today. We'll tell you more below.

Walmart had been selling the iPad Mini for $369 (down from the original $399) for a while, but it looks like our patience has been further rewarded today. We're big fans of Apple's smallest tablet when we measure it up against the standard iPad.

And while the prices more closely match today, the Mini comes with double the storage at 64GB, which means you won't be having to regularly clear out larger games, apps or downloads from Netflix and Disney Plus that you want to store for offline viewing on your commute.

The screen quality is much better on the Mini too with a laminated finish which removes that gap between the screen and the glass and the anti-reflective coating makes it better for using outdoors. The front-facing camera for video calls is a capable 7 megapixels too instead of the really rather awful 1.2MP found on the other iPad. The iPad Mini's internal spec and excellent display technology have earned it a spot in our best gaming tablet guide too.

A big discount on today's iPad Mini deal

Apple iPad Mini | $399

Apple iPad Mini | $399 $369 $329 at Walmart
Rocking 64GB of storage, a much-improved design for the display, and a powerful A12 Bionic chip, this diminutive tablet is so much more powerful than you'd expect, and finally, it has a price that makes it a must-buy over the larger, but weaker regular iPad.

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