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Zack Snyder talks Justice Leagues different Superman

justice league

Zack Snyder paced the red carpet this week for the premiere of Sucker Punch , and he took the opportunity to clear up all the Justice League movie talk.

When asked how Warner Bros’ decision to move forward with a League movie affected his Superman , he responded:

“It doesn’t. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with Superman , what they’ll do with Justice League will be its own thing with its own Batman and own Superman.

“We’ll be over here with our movie and they kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool.”

Is it cool? Or is it just confusing? Normally studios attempt to keep some sort of continuity when it comes to casting and cross-overs, but it seems the WB aren’t too fussed.

Which sort of smacks of a ‘we can’t be bothered’ attitude. Perhaps they’ve noted how much time and effort it’s taken Marvel to weave all of their properties together with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America all uniting in The Avengers .

But where Marvel’s endeavour is truly ground-breaking and exciting, the WB seem to be taking the easy route. Their hand may have been forced (does Christian Bale want to hang up the Bat-cape after Rises ?), but it's still a crying shame.