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Transformers cinematic universe lands four writers

Not long ago we heard that Paramount Pictures planned to give its Transformers franchise a facelift. Eager to jump on the ‘interconnected movies’ bandwagon, the studio enlisted Akiva Goldsman to head up the writer’s room for all future instalments of the robo-action series. Under the watchful eye of producers Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Goldsman has essentially been granted permission to take complete creative control.

According to Deadline, Goldsman has now snared four recognisable names to begin scribbling on those sequels and spinoffs. That quartet consists of The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, Iron Man duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, Pacific Rim 2’s Zak Penn and Lost and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scribe Jeff Pinkner.

A quick glance over that list makes one factor abundantly clear; these guys are adept at crafting major genre properties. Their leap to such a lucrative movie franchise - Age Of Extinction made over $1 billion worldwide - will be a big step up for all involved, and could see a fresh new era of Autobot-Decepticon battles ushered in.

As for who will be directing those robots-in-disguise, it’s expected that Bay will go behind the lens for Transformers 5 which is due for release in 2017.

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