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The best early Black Friday PS5 SSD deal we have seen so far just got beaten - by itself

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OK, this UK PS5 SSD deal we've been tracking is getting better and better - to the point of madness!

The ADATA XPG GAMMIX SSD in its 1TB capacity is down to its lowest ever price - again!- again! Last week it was absolutely terrific value, and now (Monday November 22) it is unbelievable, offering incredible amounts of bang for buck, terabyte-for-pound value. It's the perfect one-stop solution for those looking for the perfect Black Friday PS5 deal this year: you can now get the 1TB for just £104.58 by ticking the coupon box on the product page and save a sizeable 72 quid; or you can go big and get the 2TB variant for just £204.16! What's more, this is a PS5 SSD that comes with it's own heatsink so there's no extra cost or hassle when factoring that in.

The early Black Friday PS5 SSD deals you've been looking for could be here already, and they mean you can avoid the business of next week.

These are superb early Black Friday PS5 SSD deals bagging you some of the best in the business that will offer you crazy fast speeds and come with their own heatsinks.

Today's best early Black Friday PS5 SSD deal


ADATA XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE SSD | 1TB | £176.28 £105.77 at Amazon
Save £71 - This is getting silly now. The savings on this SSD have crept up and up and now we're dangerously close the '1TB for £100' mark - and this includes the heatsink. Madness!
Remember to click the 'Apply 40% voucher' tick box before going to checkout.


ADATA XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE SSD | 2TB | £340.26 £204.16 at Amazon
Save £135 - So good it deserves to be highlighted on it's own: the 2TB model is crazy-good value for money too! Go big and future-proof your PS5's internal storage with this excellent deal. It'll be hard to see this beaten in the Black Friday SSD deals later this week.
Remember to click the 'Apply 40% voucher' tick box before going to checkout.

The ADATA XPG S70 BLADE is one of the best PS5 SSDs and is proving to be an early favourites based on speeds, prowess, and price point. The fact that both of these come with their own heatsinks is a big advantage too as you don't have to worry about doing a DIY job on something that's so pricey, so small, and so important.

For reference and comparison, here's a smattering of the other current prices for some internal and external PS5 SSDs, wherever you are right now.

If you only have eyes for something that can be your PS4 game library holder and bank, then an external PS5 SSD or hard drive is likely to be the best option for you. Here are some of the latest prices on the top models.

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