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The best Amazon Prime Day headphone deals to snag before it's too late

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Music lovers rejoice! Scattered across the storm of last-minute Amazon Prime Day deals are some heavily-discounted headphones sure to send dynamic, crystal clear sounds ringing through your ears when you're out for a run or just lying in bed.

A good pair of headphones is worth the investment, and you'll wonder why it took you so long to take the plunge when you replace the ones that came with your phone with something from this list. Music is deeper, richer, and clearer, there are all sorts of convenience features and sound preference options, and noise-canceling tech is a godsend for traveling and folks living in loud households.

We've rounded up a good mix of over-ear headphones and wireless buds that have been slashed down to historically low prices for Amazon Prime Day. Whether you're looking for the most powerful way to deliver music to your ears or you just want something convenient and durable, you're sure to find the Prime Day headphone deal that works for your needs and budget here.

Keep scrolling for all of the Amazon Prime Day headphone deals this year, and know that we'll update this page accordingly with any new deals as they pop up.

Once you're done, don't forget to check in with the best Amazon Prime Day board game deals or the top Amazon Prime Day gaming deals. And if you miss the boat on something you wanted, don't panic - the Black Friday deals are on their way, and you can guarantee they'll include some solid headphone deals.

Best Prime Day headphone deals

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