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The Batman solo movie villain is reportedly Deathstroke

This morning the internet not-so-quietly lost its marbles after Ben Affleck posted a video of Deathstroke striding purposefully toward the camera. What does this mean? cried fans, frustrated by a lack of caption and desperate for answers. Was it a tease about Justice League? Or does this mean the mercenary is destined to battle the Dark Knight in the Batman solo movie?  

Well, we can answer one of those right now. According to a new report from The Wrap, Deathstroke is confirmed as the main baddie in the as-yet untitled Batman movie. Earlier rumors say that the film is going to be crammed with memorable Batman baddies, so it could be that Deathstroke's the one leading the charge.  

Fans of Arrow will know him as he first appeared during the flashback portions of the show as Slade Wilson, an eager assassin who comes to the aide of Oliver Queen. Apparently his drop out of the show is due to the character appearing in another DC property, which we now know is Affleck's Batman flick, and probably a cameo in Justice League.  

The biggest takeaway from all of today's developments is a simple one: the character has already been cast. If that footage posted by Affleck is taken from Justice League - and it most likely is - then who's actually playing the brute?

Images: DC, Warner Bros. 

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