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Texas Chainsaw 3D gets a grubby new poster

Texas Chainsaw 3D is making an appearance at the New York Comic-Con on 12 October 2012, and a poster has been released to mark the occasion.

Striving for a gritty, grubby aesthetic, the poster makes no bones about its deference to the original Tobe Hooper-directed horror .

Picking up from where the 1974 film left off (namely Marilyn Burns’ Sally sprinting away from a deranged Leatherface and hopping into the back of a pickup truck) before heading to the present day, it seems as if 3D won’t have any connection to the recent Platinum Dunes remake or the original film’s sequels.

Which is an intriguing idea, but it’s at odds with the tone of the trailer that was released earlier this year , which presented nubile young hotties in a typically glossy slasher context.

Check out the poster in full below: