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Temtem Cipanku Island update introduces raid activities for rare new creatures

(Image credit: Crema)

Temtem's brand new Cipanku island update is out today, with new monsters to catch and locations to explore.

The announcement of the new update for Temtem was revealed by the development team at Crema just yesterday over on the PlayStation Blog. The dev team introduces Cipanku as home to a vast number of electric-type Temtem, but there's also the addition of the new Digital Temtem, creatures which were created by humans in the mysterious Nanto laboratories.

Featured elsewhere in the new Cipanku update for Temtem are Mythical creatures, and Lairs where you can catch them. This new Lair activity is designed with three to five players in mind, each of whom is set on their own randomly generated route throughout the Lair, and given the opportunity to catch an incredibly rare Mythical Temtem at the conclusion of the mission. 

The update also heralds the arrival of one of the biggest fan-requested features so far: teleportation. By completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo, you'll unlock the ability to fast-travel between certain hotspots throughout the world of Temtem, for a fee. Alternatively, travelling to a Narwhal airport can be done entirely free of charge.

As the Cipanku update is launching today on April 13, the Temtem devs shared some details on downtime for the game. Just below, you can check out the planned maintenance schedule for Temtem today, which has the downtime estimated at right around two and a half hours in total.

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Temtem has received pretty regular, and substantial, updates since it first launched last year in early access. So far we've seen the likes of ranked matchmaking arrive through a hefty update, as well as an update that introduced the brand new area of Kisawa Island, which in turn introduced tons of new creatures to find and capture.

If you're thinking about getting into Crema's game for the first time, head over to our guide on the best Temtem starters for the right creature for you.

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