Temtem Kisiwa Island update adds final starter evolutions, chat, and clubs

(Image credit: CremaGames)

Temtem is getting its first big content update since it hit early access tomorrow, including a new island and the final evolutions for its three starter monsters.

Kisiwa Island has been set for summer on the Temtem roadmap (opens in new tab) since September, and developer CremaGames is officially going to hit its goal. Along with the island come a bunch of new features, as well as a slightly increased price tag of $37.50.

On the other hand, the last big update it had planned for spring got pushed back, but now it's arriving all as part of the Kisiwa update, meaning a bunch of new game features are coming on top of the fresh content.

For starters, Kisiwa Island itself is the next chapter in Temtem's story. Players will need all their traversal tools to make their way across the island as they approach a final, climactic battle against the mustachioed General X of Clan Belsoto. Keep an eye out for a bunch of new Temtem, techniques, traits, and items as you explore Kisiwa Island - check out the update trailer (opens in new tab) for more teasers.

Players will also be able to level up their Temtem to 58. Ten more levels may not sound like much, but it's enough for the three starters to unlock their third and final forms, so that's cool.

Players will now be able to communicate by using a fully featured in-game chat, featuring chat bubbles for nearby conversations and multiple tabs for communicating locally, in whispers, or in clubs. Oh, clubs! Those are coming in the new update too; anybody can start one by paying an in-game fee, and up to 50 people can all join and bear your customized banner. Clubs will become a bigger part of the game once Club Dojo Wars are added in a future update, but it should be fun to get your group started early nonetheless.

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